Vastu Expert Visit


During Vastu consultation our Expert provides necessary details pertaining to site, plot, soil etc with full scrutiny and examination. The projects which we have been tackling till now include all organizations for instance hotels, restaurants, schools, corporate, residences and offices etc. The expertise of Krishna Sharma amazes everybody with the results because in the past 8 years he has been providing this service with full dedication without any profit motive.

The detailed Vastu analysis is a comprehensive procedure comprised of 4 essential steps that covers all aspects of your life that are considered to be affected by the vastu of the place such as financial prosperity, personal issues, health of self and family, social issues, etc. When visiting your property, the Vastu expert makes a detailed study of the entire place, every nook and cranny is considered. Once done, you receive a detailed report as well as suggestions and remedies to combat any vastu defects

We provide consultation on all types of properties


The interiors of your home such as the building of rooms, arrangement of furniture and other articles as well as exterior setting such as water borings, lights, entrance, adjoining buildings, roads etc are assessed


The interior setting such as location of rooms, reception, seating of staff, and other factors are considered. The expert will also study the exterior setting such as the elevator area, staircase, entrance, building premises, etc


The expert studies the setting of the factory, the production floor, and the layout of rooms as well as exterior setting such as adjoining building, roads, main gate, etc. In this case, the expert also utilizes advanced tools to gauge energy patterns inside and outside the factory; these greatly affect the performance of your business